It all began during my military service in Italy. 

I always travelled with a disposable in my pockets to keep a memory of the great Alpine vistas, the faces of my companions and the experience I was sharing with them.

The actual photographic career started in London, UK working in photographic studios, local newspapers, printing labs, picture desks and then progressing to more advanced fields such as CGI.

The switch from analog to digital was a long and painful step but it eventually guided me into the realm of 3D, backplates and HDRI capture and retouching.

Taking part in hundreds of shoots and their consequent productions gave me the creative appetite and the technical expertise necessary to start an independent career. 

Photography has always gone hand in hand with technology and I am constantly exploring the parameters of CGI and its ever-growing potentials in relation to the evolution of the advertising and editorial markets. 

Technology aside, I see photography as a form of art, the personal expression of a perception, the record of a fraction of time and space of the world around us forever captured and immortalised. 

I am now based in Mallorca, Spain and alternate my interest between CGI, travel and reportage projects. 

For a deeper insight of my work please visit my blog at (documentary and travel) and my online store at (backplates, HDRI and more).

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